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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Line Manager Time Entry funtionality

This post in the continuation of the Previous posts Various way of entering time into OTL

Oracle Time & Labor Line Manager functionality is available with the product out of Box, The User Function name is Timecard Mgr (Function -HXC_TIMECARDS_MGR).

This function is included in the Seeded Manager Self Service menu HR_LINE_MANAGER_ACCESS_V4.0


By default this function will allow the manager to enter his own time, which most of the customer wont prefer the Manager to put in his time in the same place where the Manager can enter time for his direct reports.

there is an very simple way to restrict Manager for entering his time using the Timecard Mgr function

we will be able to limit by setting an additional parameter on the Timecard Mgr function (Function - HXC_TIMECARDS_MGR). To limit the manager from entering their own data, the parameter - pManagerEnabled should be entered at the end of other parameters (connector is &) with an N being 'Not Enabled', and a Y equaling 'Enabled'.

Example - to disable Line Manager entry of their own time using the Line Manager functionality, the parameter is added as: &pManagerEnabled=N

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Identifying Descriptive Flexfield in the Form

Descriptive Flexfield are used to gather additional information about the business entity beyond the information required by the Oracle application

Or we can also define the descriptive flexfield as the configurable fields which we can used to capture the additional information

Descriptive flexfield appears on a form as a field enclosed within Brackets

Many time I get the question from my functional users how they will be able to identify the descriptive flexfield name in the form.

There is an easy way to find this

Navigate the the Form where you want to find the Descriotive flexfield
The select the following Menu

Help > Examine

In the field select the Form in which you are looking for example “ PERSON.DF’. The Value field will display the Descriptive flexfield that you are looking for.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

OTL - Authorized Delegate

Authorized Delegate: This functionality is similar to the timekeeper functionality but has few difference

  • Timekeeper uses the PUI where as Authorized Delegate uses Self Service
  • Timekeeper can access the people who are assigned to the Timekeeper group where authorized Delegate is controlled by the HR:Security Profile
  • Timekeeper has seeded responsibility where the authorized delegate the user must build the custom responsibility using the Seeded Menu 'Authorized Delegate Timecard Entry’

This functionality is good to use when a single person need to enter time for fewer number of employees, if there are more number of employees it is always advisable to use timekeeper

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