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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Archiving OTL Timecard

The Timecard archive process in OTL helps to archive the timecard which are no longer needed and to improve performance of the OTL. Once archived the timecard summary information is available for the users but not the detailed view. Users will not be able to edit or modify any details of the timecard

Following are the process that need to be performed for the archiving the OTL timecard

1) Setup following profile option
  • OTL: Archive Restore Chunk Size
  • OTL: Minimum Age of Data Set for Archiving
  • OTL: Max Errors in Validate Data Set
2) Run 'Define Data Set Process' -This is the first step in the overall process of archiving timecard, This processes helps to identify the date range of the timecard that need to be archived. This process will move the data set to temporary tables in preparation for archiving.
Note: Make sure not to select too much data at once, the process may fail.
If the process fails the data can be restored using the 'Undo Data Set process'

3) Next step in the archiving process is run 'Validate Data Set Process' - This process checks for error on the timecards in the data set.This process returns a validation warning message if the process finds the timecard with the status: working, rejected, submitted, approved, or error.

Note:The validation process may encounter some errors during processing. To restrict the number of errors reported at one time, you can set the OTL: Max Errors in Validate Data Set profile option to a maximum number of errors. The process stops running when it reaches the number of errors you define.

4) Final Step in the Timecard archiving is to run the 'Archive Data Set Process' - The archive process moves the defined data set of the validated timecard data from active tables in the OTL application to archive table.

In my next blog I'll write the details of restoring the archived data back to OTL application

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Employee Directory

Most of company have a separate team or a department to handle the Organization Development or Organization Design (OD). The companies use Software Packages to design the new Org chart or to re-org the chart.These software package will get the data from the ERP system or HRIS or will be maintained as a separate stand alone package which will be accessed by the employee via intranet.Once the organization design is done the changes will be done in the ERP or HRIS reflecting the new Org design

In this blog I am trying to explain how we can use Employee directory function in Oracle which will allow employees to view the company's Organization structure and browse the employee details. Small company's who are not having any Org charting tool can use this functionality in Oracle which will enable the employee to view the Organization structure,their subordinates and the reporting relation within the organization

Attach the function "Proxy Page" to the Self Service Global Menu with a prompt

The data can be refreshed using the concurrent request "Refresh Employee directory" with following parameter

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