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Saturday, January 19, 2008

R12 Suitability Matching functionality

Suitability Matching Functionality is the new functionality available in both Employee and Manager Self Service.
To explain this is in a very common language - this function helps the employee to find the opportunity in the organization that suites his role and competency.The employee can compare the various competency that is desired and essential for a particular role
For the manager Self service this function helps them to find the employee / applicant based on the competency and the role

List of Options available in the Manager Self Service

In the manager Self Service lets take an example of searching the employee/contingent worker/an applicant based on the competency profile and View it in a Graph for analysing the competency for the Job

Start with the option 'Find Suitable People by Competency'

Add the list of competency that you want to search for

Once you select the continue button, you will be able to list of people that match your competency requirement

Click the button Graph people by Competency button that will help you out in the viewing the graph based on the Min , max and the personal proficiency level

Try this out!!!