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Sunday, October 12, 2008

R12 Maintain Employee Data using a Single Responsibility in Multi Business Group

There will be always a question from the customers who are in an Global environment (in an multi Business Group environment) " How to maintain employee data using a single responsibility"
---Yes this was a constraint in 11.5.10, now in R12 this is made possible. Now customers will be able to maintain employees using the single responsibility across business group.

This functionality is Out of box with the product.
To leverage this functionality following are the pre-requistes/ Setups
  • HR module should be in Multi Buisness Group Environment
  • HR Organization hierarchy should be using Global hierarchy
  • HR Security Profile should be defind using the Global Security Profile form
  • Attach the global security profile to the HR: Security Profile at the Responsibility level

Once the above setup steps are completed, follow the below navigation

Global HRMS Manager > Maintaining Using Template > Maintain Employees

(M) View > find

Using the Find screen, In the Business Group Name field you will be able to select the Business group that you want to access the employee data and click find to retrieve the employee information.

Important Note: Using this method you will only be able to maintain the existing employee data. If you create any new employees using this responsibility, the employee data will be created in the default BG to which the responsibility is attached