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Sunday, June 1, 2008

OTL Time Keeper

There are multiple ways you can enter time into OTL

  • Self Service time - employee entering his own time
  • Line Manager time Entry - Manager Entering time for his direct reports
  • Timestore Deposit API - Time import using the interface from the third party system
  • Timekeeper - one person entering time for the group of employees based on the group assigned to them
  • Authorized Delegate - One person entering time for the group of employees based on the security profile attached in the user/responsibility
In this section I am going to explain how to setup Timekeeper module for entering the time for the Group of employees

Before starting the Timekeeper configuration , if you directly go the Responsibility OTL Super timekeeper and click the function timekeeper Entry you will get the following error msg,

The above error message will clearly tell you what are the setup steps you need to do to enable the Timekeeper

The first two steps are to be done in the OTL Application developer Responsibility
1. Timekeeper Misc Setup Items
2. Timekeeper Layout attribute

The third step should be done in the OTL super Timekeeper Responsibility
3. Timekeeper Group is created

The Forth step should be done in the System administrator, this step should be done at the user level and it is only for the super timekeeper
4 Profile OTL: Allow Change Group Timekeeper

I'll be explaining each of the above steps in detail in my next post